To be an artist

Digital photography has allowed more people the ability to take up a creative hobby that was once shrouded in the darkroom. One problem I see is that so many people consider themselves a photographer now; but how many of those people consider themselves an artist? I really think that there are three levels, the person who just takes pictures, the photographer, and the artist.

This post will focus on the artist. While there are no set qualifications for being an artist, I do feel that there certain attributes that help make up an artist; such as passion, vision, creativity, as well as following the rules and then knowing how to break those rules for new creativity,

One quality of an artist is their passion for their craft (see my previous post; Don’t forget the passion). An artist doesn’t just take a picture they put a small piece of their self into their art.  When you talk to an artist about their art you can hear the passion in their voice.

It takes more to be an artist then just the ability to take a photograph. An artist may have knowledge of some photography vocabulary words and rules. But the artist needs to know not only the words but the meaning of the words and how to make the concepts work to complete their vision. The idea of following these rules has long been taught in the art world and many of the great masters have known the rules and broken said rules to make master pieces that we harbor in museums and private collections.

Each artist has their own vision hence why we see so many different styles of art.  Seeing something you want to take of picture of is just the first step.  Knowing how to capture that object, scene, person, or idea is the next part.  Anyone can take a picture of a flower but can everyone tell a story about that flower while taking the picture.  Vision and creativity start working together at this point to create an idea not in words but in a picture for the eye.

As we all strive to become the Artist remember passion, creativity, vision, and rules create a work of art that we can make us happy and excited to share our work with others and help us become an ARTIST.

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