We have all heard something similar to the saying; “Art, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder.” As an artist you are looking to create that piece that captivates all who view it; that piece that everyone wants hanging on their wall. In the world today there is no shortage of people calling themselves an artist; however, I feel that there is more to being an artist then the ability to take a photograph.

I am sure that we have all heard something like “As artists we suffer for our art”, and in a lot of ways we really do suffer for our art. There are many challenges that artists face; one of those challenges is the large amount of rejection that an artists faces. Rejection is a big part of an artist’s life; I have a friend that once told me that of all the people who view your work you may have 1% of those people who like your art and of that 1% there might be 1% that are willing to buy your piece of art. We all deal with rejection; but as an artist rejection can sometimes be harder because in a lot of ways your art is a part of you.  So the rejection can be harder because it can seem like people are rejecting you personally and all the work you put into that piece.

Let’s be honest; no matter how thick your skin is, rejection still hurts. When you do get rejected it is important to remind yourself that a lot of what people say is their own opinion. It is also important to remember why we create art, it is also important to remember that if you aren’t passionate about your art no one else will be. Rejections do mount up, particularly in the early years of your career as an artist. In a weird way rejections are a good thing; it means that you are putting your work out there and that people are looking at your work.

Rejection is a large part of the life of an artist and as an artist we all need to find a way to turn that negative into a driving force to push us into creating more art.  We should always be trying harder to improve and become better; not just for the sake of people liking our art but for ourselves in trying to continually improving our talent as an artist.

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