Don’t forget the passion

In today’s digital world where there are so many people calling themselves photographers it can be hard to tell the professionals from the rest. When I see most peoples’ photography work online and other places one problem I see is that everyone’s work seems to look the same; it seems to me that a lot of people are trying to copy everyone else. While being inspired by the work of other photographers is a good thing we want to put our own style on what we are doing.

One thing I think that a lot of these copycat photographers are missing is the passion. When a chef creates food that they are passionate about, you can taste the passion in the final produce. When a photographer has passion for the art they are creating you can really tell that in the final piece.

For me passion is one thing that separates the photographer from those people who are just taking pictures. A passionate photographer spends time learning and perfecting their craft. It is the passion the drives the photographer to create their art. It is the passion that fuels the photographers mind into not only coming up with ideas but also how to transform those ideas into a finished work of art.

Having passion for something is not the only ingredient to making a piece of art, but I feel that it is one of the biggest. If you are not passionate about your art then no one else will be either. An Anonymous author once said; “Anyone can take a picture…a person with a passion sees the picture before it’s taken.” I would add that the person with passion doesn’t set out to create a work of art; the work of art is the end result when the artist was concerned with the expression of an idea.  Remember in the end it is the passion that separates the photographers from the ones who are just taking pictures.

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