The new setup

For the regular readers of my blog you will notice a few changes. The first major change is that for now there is only a blog here, the reason for that is because I am rebuilding my website to be the website I really need as an artist. All the previous blog posts will be reposted, not in any particular order, while new posts will also still be written. So to start things off this is just going to be a simple post about new setup and to repost the blog telling my story. Also I am going to impose some rules for the comments on this new blog. The first is that is that if I don’t feel that the comment is related to the post it is attached to then the comment will not be approved, and the second rule is that if I don’t feel that the name on the comment isn’t a real name then the comment will also not be approved and therefore not posted. Please feel free to comment and I hope you get something out of my post because I have while writing them.